I was quite excited to read Emboldened and I wasn’t disappointed. What is so fascinating about Emboldened, is that it presents a vision of hopefulness without becoming argumentative or hostile. This charitable and uplifting tone is not unsurprising if you have read or listened to Tara Beth, but discussions related to women preaching and teaching generally lead to an uptick in blood pressure. Leach’s avoidance of that and the vision of togetherness she casts is what I appreciate most. She says (t)he beauty of this…Continue Reading “Emboldened”

Looseleaf Alyssa Lortie Bread

I have been spending a great deal of time over the past couple of years thinking about what it means to be the Church. More specifically, I keep asking myself what it means to be a faithful church community in our cultural climate, and how does this look in the day to day. Ever since I started at Tyndale, I have been thinking about this conceptually. But now as pastor of a small church in a suburb of one North America’s most irreligious city, Vancouver,…Continue Reading “Pace, Church and Bread”