I was quite excited to read Emboldened and I wasn’t disappointed. What is so fascinating about Emboldened, is that it presents a vision of hopefulness without becoming argumentative or hostile. This charitable and uplifting tone is not unsurprising if you have read or listened to Tara Beth, but discussions related to women preaching and teaching generally lead to an uptick in blood pressure. Leach’s avoidance of that and the vision of togetherness she casts is what I appreciate most. She says (t)he beauty of this…Continue Reading “Emboldened”

Looseleaf Alyssa Lortie Bread

I have been spending a great deal of time over the past couple of years thinking about what it means to be the Church. More specifically, I keep asking myself what it means to be a faithful church community in our cultural climate, and how does this look in the day to day. Ever since I started at Tyndale, I have been thinking about this conceptually. But now as pastor of a small church in a suburb of one North America’s most irreligious city, Vancouver,…Continue Reading “Pace, Church and Bread”

Wayne Grudem is a famous and infamous theologian. His seminal work “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine”is required reading for many theology students. I trudged my way through it last year, when I was forced to read it for an internship. Of the full version Systematics text books I have read (fully or partially), I would give Grudem the distinction of being the Edmonton Oilers (a perpetual bottom of the table finisher). My thoughts on Systematic Theology are not the point of this post, but…Continue Reading “Grudem against Grudem (or the Morality of Donald Trump)”

Part 2 – You can read Part 1 here. There was a lot of dejection and despair. When we got back, I started reaching out to people to see if they knew of anything. The person who first directed me to the church in White Rock encouraged me to connect with them and see if there was room for some sort of arrangement. The funny thing is, from the moment we were invited to speak, Alyssa and I had been joking about working there. We started to be…Continue Reading “ALL THE WHILE THE EYES OF GOD SHINE ON US…”

It has been a while since I have published anything. This is pretty bad since I stopped in the middle of a series. The main reason for this break was, during December, I started to have serious discussions with a church about potential employment. I felt it was best to maintain a lower profile during that period. I was asked to speak the first three weeks of January and this took up most of my non-work time. At the same time, I was working nights…Continue Reading “…ON THIS THE DELICATE FADE.”

I read a lot of blogs. I even visit blogs from people who have a different view on the Christian faith than I do. It is part of my morning blog routine, Oiler’s blogs, theology blogs, and then a glance over to see what book deals are on for that day. Sometimes when looking for the deals, I even read the links or the articles. Yesterday, I decided to scroll through the links and their summaries-this was a mistake.  One of the links was a…Continue Reading “Friday’s Mini-Rant”

I do not want to make too many comments about a topic like this on a blog because this is the worst place to have a discussion. Issues are best discussed in person between people with a pre-existing relationship and the ability to show humility. Thus I am a bit nervous to comment but felt like a couple notes, not about abortion itself, but about related issues that have arisen in this Planned Parenthood discussion. This is not a discussion on the morality of abortion,…Continue Reading “RANDOM THOUGHTS ON THE PLANNED PARENTHOOD SITUATION”